Fresh Food Boxes
North Slope Catering has been providing fresh food boxes to the wildland firefighters in Alaska since 2001.
Over the past four years, we have developed a streamlined system for food box production.

Our people have the know-how to act quickly and accurately when orders are processed. Our production facility in Fairbanks has the equipment and facilities to house employees and produce and deliver over 230,000 lbs. of fresh food to the guys who need it most- the firefighters.

By refining the packaging methods of the boxes, we have achieved greater efficiency, fewer damaged products, and more organization in the field. Both state and federal agencies in Alaska have praised North Slope for our constantly-improving techniques. The food box season typically runs from May through September. In 2004, our staff successfully produced and delivered over 2500 boxes in what was the largest fire season in Alaska's history.

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