Frequently Asked Questions
Some commonly asked questions regarding our services and products.

What does North Slope do?

We provide full-service catering for wildland fire crews and special large-scale events. We also assemble fresh food boxes for remote locations in Alaska.

What services do you offer?

We offer mobile food service for emergency or planned events. Our professional and courteous staff can prepare anything from hot meals to sack lunches for a few hundred or a few thousand.

How many people can you feed?

We can feed thousands of people with very short notice. Our experience has taught us how to become adaptable, so when your numbers change, we can change with you.

What kind of food does North Slope serve?

Because reputation means so much in the food service industry, we serve only the best quality food. From our full-service salad bars to our down home barbecue, our customer's satisfaction is our highest priority.

What is a Fresh Food Box?

Fresh food boxes are manufactured to feed personnel in the most remote locations. Whether there is a wildfire in the Alaskan bush regions or some other type of emergency that requires air dropped supplies, our food box program will feed those in need. The food box feeds four people, three meals per day for three days. For more information regarding a need for fresh food boxes, please contact us at

Who does North Slope employ?

We believe in the 'family concept' here at North Slope Catering. The people we employ know that the owners and managment work for them. This empowers them with a great sense of pride in their job. The result is a staff that will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy.

How much do your services cost?

Cost depends on the size and type of your event. The duration of the job and number of employees will also factor into the price. We will be happy to contact you with a quote. Email us at with your needs.