Founded in 2001, North Slope Catering cut its teeth feeding firefighters in the untamed wilderness of Alaska.
Since then, we have fed personnel from several fire camp locations ranging from the northern interior of Alask to Arizona.

The rigorous terrain and lack of roads in Alaska presents many obstacles for a mobile caterer. We have solved that problem with the Fresh Food Box. This air-dropped box has enough fresh and shelf-stable food that feed four fighfighters 3 meals a day for 4 days. Now, no matter where you are in Alaska or across the country, we can feed you.

Located on a road? Our mobile kitchen can get to you. Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? North Slope does it all. Our fully self-stable unit can go anywhere, anytime. From school parking lots to abandoned logging mills, we've seen it all. Our staff of fine chefs and courteous assistants will make you feel at home no matter where you are.

While there are many aspects that differentiate our catering company from any other type of catering, the one characteristic that stands out most is our ability to react quickly and creatively to the daily barrage of unforseen obstacles and turn them into positive results. At the end of the day, our customers are happily satisfied, and our staff is equally satisfied with the team effort it took to put it all together.

North Slope Catering is a family-owned and operated company. As a result of the strong core values that we bring into a company, we believe there is a reflection of those values in the way we treat our customers and our employees. North Slope staff are people-pleasers who act with a lot of pride, and it shows.

Some recent feedback.

"Some of the best salmon I have ever had." - United States Forest Service

"Exceptional! Good food and good attitudes make our firefighter assignments wonderful!" - State of Alaska Forestry

"This crew is always happy & cheerful to be around. Interaction with firefighters has been outstanding. The best I've ever seen! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!" - PNW Team 3 Type 1 Incident Management Team

"Food from this kitchen is a culinary adventure & a tasty treat. Plenty of good, tasty food provided in a joyful atmosphere." - Colorado Type 2 Incident Management Team

"Cleanest kitchen I have ever seen. Their ability to overcome adversity, adapt to limited supply lines and keep a positive attitude has been appreciated. Keep up the great work!" - Northern Rockies National Incident Management Team

"The most friendly catering company I have worked with. Always a laugh, joke, or song for the fire crews." - Alaska Bureau of Land Management

"My Gawd! We're all ten pounds heavier. Surely do appreciate the superb grub and great hospitality. Many thanks!" - Great Basin Interagency Management Team

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